Do Families that Pray Together Really Stay Together?


Hello blogosphere!

I need your help. I have been assigned to write an in depth package of articles on the impact faith has on marriage. The articles will address questions such as, What are the advantages of sharing a common faith in marriage? Do families that pray together really stay together, as the old saying goes?

So my question for you is do you know of any good resources about Christian faith and marriage that I should consult for these articles, such as books, articles, websites, organizations, counselors, research/researchers, experts, pastors, forums, etc? I probably cannot use all that you give me, but I’d love to have your help. This assignment is for a Alabama Baptist newspaper, so I will definitely need resources/people from Alabama Baptists; however, I can use national resources as well! 

Leave me your suggestions in the comments.

Thank you! 


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