God of healing, reconcile!

When the bonds of love are breaking,
hands that linked withdraw and hide,
eyes that once had met in candor
now, distrustful, turn aside,
God of healing, reconcile!

When our tongues are silent, sullen,
closing doors through which love came,
or, when words are fiery arrows
wounding others with their flame,
God of healing, reconcile!

When the bridges that we travelled
have collapsed and left a void,
when the chasm seems to widen,
separating souls once joined,
God of healing, reconcile!

God, in Christ you crossed the chasm
when our hearts were far from you!
Grant us grace to reach to others,
broken bonds repair, renew!
God of healing, reconcile!

(Hermann G. Stuempfle Jr., 1923-2007)

Silence and Solidarity

As I work on upcoming blog posts, I thought I would post this article written by my former dean Dr. Timothy George of Beeson Divinity School. He, along with the voices of others, continues to remind us of the plight of people in Iraq and Syria.

He writes, “And yet—and yet—there are times in human history when persons of faith cannot play neutral or simply stand by on the sidelines. There are times when they are compelled by conscience to call evil by name and speak out against it with conviction. And they must do this not merely out of a concern for their own personal or national self-protection but precisely as persons of faith—in the name of decency and love and of all that is human and humane. Today is such a time. … Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

May it not be said of Western Christians that we didn’t speak or that we didn’t act.

You can read the post on First Things here.

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