Ask me

For close to five years now, I have been blogging. My posts have been driven by issues and topics that are close to my heart. While at times I have asked for input from readers, there has never been a concerted effort on my part to hear from you. With this page, I hope you will find a place where you can tell me topics and questions about which you would like me to write. The following are some suggestions:

  • What questions about Scripture wold you like me to (attempt to) address?
  • On which current issues in the world would you like me to write?
  • Do you have a theological question or doctrinal question?
  • Is there a current, Christian issue that you think needs addressing?
  • Is there a Christian (theologian, pastor, scholar, everyday hero) with whom you would like to see an interview, if possible?
  • Is there a new Christian book that you think I should review?

Is there anything, within reason and appropriate, that you would like to ask me? I want to hear from you!

My hope is that I will hear from lots of you, and that over time more of my blog posts will be informed by you. My desire next to bringing glory to God through my writing is to minister to you and help you on your faith journey. By knowing your needs better, I hope to do a better job at this.

You can comment here or e-mail me at with subject line, “Ask me.”


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